kusama pyjamas

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Titled for Yayoi Kusama, who is the cat's pyjamas.

The [Trans] Body Positivity Project →


A community art project. Transsexual and transgendered people tend to get too caught up in things they don’t like about their body that I thought I’d encourage us to shift the focus. Submit a picture or statement explaining something you love about your body. It could be something you love that it can do physically, something intrinsic to it or something that you’ve changed (through hormones or surgery or not). Really anything is fair game if it gives you self-confidence. It can be something small and doesn’t have to be rooted in masculinity or femininity.

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    This is really awesome, and I suggest that everyone at least look for something that they’re happy with, even if they...
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    I think this is a really cool idea (: although, with that said I am reluctant to ever say that anyone is “too caught up”...